Weekly Snapshot

February 14, 2011

With Detroit in Dire Straits, Mayor Invites Big Thinking
In order to take on the challenges posed by a shrinking population, lost revenue and tight budget, Mayor Bing of Detroit is making an open call for any plans, proposals and theories on how to cure the ailing city.

Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change
In an interview, urban planner Peter Calthorpe talks about his new book Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change, and discusses the role of “New Green Urbanism” and transit-oriented development the twenty-first century.

Time to End City Incentive for Suburban Subdivisions
As demographics shifts and there is less of a demand for single-family housing, the “suburbia-loving” region of Charlotte, North Carolina will have to update its zoning to accommodate an incoming population more partial to dense development.

Eat Your Subdivision
To address concerns about food security and quality, a growing number of residential communities are incorporating agricultural spaces into their housing developments.

City to Legitimize Mystery Stop Signs
Last year, the city of Cranston, Rhode Island found that a third of all its stop signs had not been installed by the city, but instead by a mysterious unknown. Now the city plans to legalize the hundreds of the “unauthorized stop signs.”