Weekly Snapshot

February 4, 2011
A look back at some of the most compelling urban planning stories of the week
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"Residents of Transit-Oriented Development Say 'No' To Transit"
What happens when a neighborhood is transit-ready, but it's residents aren't? Not much, if the community doesn't see the benefit of TOD, argues Kaid Benfield.

"Once Popular, Car Pools Go the Way of Hitchhiking"
An article by the New York Times looks at the economic reasons behind a sharp decline in carpooling; mainly that as automobiles become more affordable, there is less incentive for commuters to share rides.

"Obama Sharpens Job Element of Energy Pitch"
In his speech at Penn State on Thursday, President Obama highlighted the importance of increasing energy efficiency in commercial buildings, a move he said would create more jobs and save billions in utility bills.

"A Third of New Orleans Population Lost in Past Decade"
Is New Orleans joining the league of shrinking cities? According to the U.S. Census, the Louisiana city has a lost third of its population in the past ten years, due in a large part to its struggle to repopulate after the devastating hurricane Katrina.

"Behold D.C.'s Beautiful New Bike Center"
The addition of D.C.'s Bikestation, a 1,750 square-foot, elegantly designed bike storage facility, represents yet another step in the city's infrastructural makeover.