Weekly Snapshot

January 28, 2011
A look back at some of the most compelling urban planning stories of the week

"A Miami Beach Event Space. Parking Space, Too"
A parking garage in Miami doubles as an unlikely but sought after event space because of its high-end architecture and stunning views of the city.

"Should We Sell Naming Rights to Infrastructure"
In order to address a $72 million budget deficit, D.C. Metro is considering selling the naming rights of its stations to major corporations. This means the next time you ride D.C. metro, you could potentially be boarding at Big-MacPherson Square, or Cream of Wheaton station.

"Rent vs. Buy"
An interactive infographic designed by real-estate website Trulia shows which metropolitan areas have good markets for homebuyers, and which areas are more conducive to renting.

"A Village Grows in Los Angeles"
In the heart of urban Los Angeles, an eco-village has been growing for almost 15 years. The residents of the village grow their own food, utilize alternative forms of transportation, and have set up co-ops and other neighborhood groups committed to sustainable living.

"Wherever You Want to Go"
In early February, BMW plans to release four documentary films about the future of urban mobility across a wide range of transportation fields. Watch the trailer here.