Weekly Snapshot

January 7, 2011

A Master Plan on Wheels
What if cities’ basic elements weren’t stationary? “Switching City,” a proposed master plan for a small city in Norway, utilizes existing railways to move  public functions within and outside of the city, making them more widely accessible, as well as weather adaptable.

The “Most Advanced High School” in the United States to be Demolished
A crumbling exterior and overwhelming dropout rates has contributed to the decision to demolish Chicago’s South Shore High School. However, plans to build a selective new campus in its place has raised racial and socioeconomic tensions, as well as questions about what will become of South Shore’s current students.

The Mayor Wants You to Lose Some Weight

Fed up with the high costs of health care, communities around the country are pushing for new methods to improve the health of their citizens. Mayors in states such as California, New York and Utah are partnering with the Center for Disease Control to implement public health measures such as monitoring cities’ health trends and air quality, as well as providing more bike paths.

7 Billion, National Geographic Magazine

National Geographic has released a compelling video modeling what a world population of 7 billion by the end of 2011 would look like, and what the implications for the planet’s resources would be.

Conflict Over Squatter’ Camp Tests Argentina’s Kirchner

Due to a lack of adequate public housing in Buenos Aires and rising immigration rates, hundred of families are being forced to move into the city’s public spaces. The squatter’s actions have brought to light many of the political and social problems behind the country’s urban slums.