Weekly Snapshot

October 15, 2010

visitacion valley

The Visitacion Valley Greenway [Photo Credit: Colleen McHugh]

Vancouver Council Approves Six-Month Trial for Hornby Bike Lanes: Vancouver approved a six-month trial to test out a new network of protected bike lanes in one of the city's busy arterials. The trial, which would replace 158 parking spots with bike lanes separated by concrete barriers, will continue despite worries that the lane could contribute to parking troubles and decreased patronage for the businesses along the street.

Portugal Plans the First 'City with a Brain': Portugal makes plans to build the world's first sustainable "city with a brain," complete with sensors in every building that would monitor occupancy, energy use and temperature, and adjust the city's power and water generation based on those factors.

How Los Angeles Might Look in the Future:
CNN's Richard Quest reports on what a more sustainable future for Los Angeles might look like now that "sprawl has hit the wall." Can techniques like infill help create a more sustainable, walkable and livable LA?

Great Places in America: Public Spaces:
The American Planning Institute releases its 2010 list of best public spaces in America. The parks, streets and neighborhoods were judged according to how well they are able to accommodate bikes, pedestrians and transit, provide a sense of comfort and safety, and utilize their existing topography.

Footbridge an Elegant New Icon in the East Bay: According to John King, a new pedestrian bridge in Pleasant Hill has brought "visual spark" to an area with no real sense of space, exemplifying how sometimes great design is worth the high price tag it can often come with.