Weekly Snapshot

October 8, 2010


Dublin's color-coordinated bike share and transit systems [Photo Credit: Colleen McHugh]

Sinking ARC: On Thursday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie cancelled the ARC project, the nation's largest mass infrastructure plan to connect New Jersey and New York with a much needed second tunnel under the Hudson River. Rather than raising the state's relatively low gasoline taxes to cover the cost of the rail, the governor opted instead to funnel the money into local road projects and existing transit repairs.

A Car-free Street Grows in Queens: Two years ago the park-starved community of Jackson Heights, NY banded together to turn a busy street into a car-free public space on Sundays. This year, the makeshift park moved one step closer to permanence when neighborhood activists were able to get the street closed 24/7 for the entire months of July and August.

Threat of Global Warming Sparks U.S. Interest in Geo-engineering: With the threat of global warming looming and the recent collapse of climate legislation, policy-makers are debating if "wacky" geo-engineering strategies, such as reflecting sunlight back into the sky, or sucking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, are a good idea for tackling climate change.

Evil People Live in Modernist Houses in Popular Films:
Why is it always the "bad guys" that live in modern homes? A new book by author Ben Critton offers an investigative but lighthearted exploration into how modern architecture is maligned in popular culture through the repeated image of evil people residing in modernist dwellings.

My Commuted Commute:
A short film made by Oikofugic Productions shows how some cities have poorly designed bike lanes that don't account for how the roads are actually used, oftentimes putting cyclists in greater peril than if they were just to use the car lanes.