Weekly Snapshot

August 20, 2010


The Tenderloin National Forest [Photo Credit: Colleen McHugh]

DOT Unveils New Pop Up Café in Financial District: NYC takes a page from San Francisco's book and installs a parklet as the first in a series of attempts to address the lack of public space caused by Manhattan's cramped sidewalks.

Beyond City Limits: In this "urban age," are megacities replacing nation-states as the centers of governance and power, and the hubs of economic vitality?

Goodbye Land Transit? Say Hello to New Flying Suntram: In an attempt to solve their traffic congestion problems, Denver has proposed the Suntram -- a high-speed, zero-emissions "flying" tram that would carry passengers high above the ground.

Animal Shaped Cities? South Sudan Unveils Big Plan: South Sudan has unveiled plans for a radical urban planning project in hopes of boosting tourism in the state. The $10 billion project proposes to restructure Sudan's capital cities into the shape of several animals found on the Sudanese flag.