Bob Muscat

Executive Director

International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers Local 21, ALF-CIO

San Francisco Director

Bob Muscat is a native San Franciscan who grew up on the Peninsula, graduated from San Jose State University, and held a variety of high level Labor Movement positions over the last 44 years.  Prior to his return to San Francisco six years ago, he lived and worked in San Jose, Sacramento, and Washington D.C.  

A resident of the Russian Hill neighborhood, Bob is married to Rebecca Muscat and has two sons and three grandchildren living in San Francisco.

Bob is the Executive Director of IFPTE Local 21, a highly respected labor organization representing more than 8000 Bay Area professional and supervisory public employees.  The majority of Local 21 represented employees work for the City and County of San Francisco.

Major accomplishments throughout his career Include:


  • As the Public Employee Division Director, assisted the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to develop a national public sector division, and a nationwide Regional Program
  •  As SEIU’s Western Regional Director, led more than 45 SEIU local unions in 13 states, helping SEIU to become the largest union in the West.
  • As the first National Organizing Director for the Communications Workers of America, created a national organizing department leading to dramatic organizing and growth.
  • While with SEIU, helped found Citizens for Tax Justice, a Washington DC based alliance of unions and community organizations seeking progressive tax reform.
  • Since becoming Local 21’s Executive Director, he reorganized and revitalized the San Francisco Labor Council Public Employee Committee which he chairs.


Since returning to San Francisco, Bob has played a leadership role in the resolution of major financial challenges facing the City including employee retirement and retiree health insurance.  He serves as a Commissioner on the Oversight Board of the San Francisco Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency, as a member of the San Francisco Citizens’ General Obligation Bond Oversight Committee, and as an Executive Committee member of the San Francisco Labor Council.